Photography by Larry Monteith


Larry Monteith has been behind a camera lens capturing the essence of people, businesses and events for over three decades. A professional photographer with a diversified background and portfolio, Larry has a unique ability to feature and emphasize the defining characteristics of his subjects. For his clients, this translates into images of their businesses and operations that give them the competitive edge when integrated into a strategic marketing approach.

Although he studied photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Kent State University, Larry’s technique is largely self-taught. He considers himself a generalist and has developed an individualized style of photography that documents the objective features of his subjects with a precision edge, while simultaneously capturing the unique character of the businesses and people that he shoots. He couples his skillful technique with state-of-the-art equipment that allows him to maximize the image capabilities of his work.

Larry has developed an impressive 30-year portfolio and has amassed a vast repertoire of commercial experience, as well as an impressive client list that includes Charleston Magazine, Charleston Regional Business Journal, Greater Charleston New Home Guide, E. Boineau & Company,, Berle Manufacturing, ION Realty, KB Homes, Centex Home, Saussy Burbank, DR Horton, JCB Equipment, HLC Hotels, IMIC Hotels, Susan Hauser Designs and River Street Inn. He approaches each assignment with a commitment to immerse himself in the business in a way that allows him to truly grasp its essence. He studies the processes, examines the operations and pokes around the details until he is able to translate that experience into a photographic image that is a vibrant representation of the business.

Working with Larry Monteith will enable you to have your business or event come alive and be preserved for the record. He will help your organization stand out in the marketplace and soar above the competition.